Bandana print drops the mic on hottest kids’ street wear!

Bandana print drops the mic on hottest kids’ street wear!

We’ve just dropped some of the coolest kids’ streetwear and we can’t wait to see it style your trendsetters. Bandana Print is back and here’s the lowdown on why it rocks!

The 90’s are so hot right now!

Bandana print is quite the 90’s classic. And it’s back in business! Bandana style really makes a hero out of paisley and we’ve gone the extra mile incorporating it into our trendy clothes for kids. It’s front and centre as a sassy street statement which ties in with our love of street art. While bandana print prompts some pretty fond fashion nostalgia for us parents, it’s a new cool style for kids to own and wear.

Patrick Swayze said it best “Nobody puts baby-paisley in the corner”.

Kids are testing driving a new style of bandana print 

We’ve dropped the new bandana print range in our signature romper, unisex t-shirt, skirt and headband. It’s perfect for kids’ test driving a new style with their own style!

We’ve paired back the colour and kept it true to our signature monochrome look.

There’s something edgy and on trend about solid colours on small people.

Who says kid’s clothes have to look like a bag of artificially sweetened mixed lollies? We say kid’s clothes should look so stylish that parent want to wear them!

The sheer simplicity of the black and white bandana print in our new kids’ street clothing range means it’s easy to mix it up with a pop of colour through kid’s shoes, bags, headbands and hats.

Our Bandana print T-shirts look especially cool when teamed with our kids shorts or skirts with sizes up to 12 years old. Owning the playground like a mini boss!

Paisley and zips are where it’s at with our new Bandana print rompers.

Mic totally dropped on this urban style for babies, toddlers and up to 8 years old.

Quality threads for style and comfort

This is freestyling fabric that lets the kids go wild in style. Our Bandana print rompers, shirts and skirts and headbands are totally owning the quality and comfort stakes too.

Kids will shimmy into 100% quality jersey cotton fabric which are comfy cool, stretchy in all the right places and with a durability you can count on for wash and wear.  Our Bandana print gear is a winner to get on a and off too, your trendsetter can smash out their independent style with easy to pull zips and drawstrings for.

It may be on trend, but Bandana print ain’t no passing phase.

Our rompers, shirts, skirts and headbands are classic boys and girls’ streetwear for the whole tribe to mix and match.

We’ve brought back a classic print with a twist of street cred because life’s too short to be same, same.

Check out our Bandana print urban fashion for babies to 12 years here.

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