Vintage flowers

Vintage flowers

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The world’s not truly black and white, but who said that the roses needed any colour to be beautiful? We’ve created these big flower bouquets in monochrome black ink, and they’re still just as nice, pretty and gentle as if they were red or pink. And you know what? You don’t need to suit anyone’s taste either, because uniqueness is what makes you the most beautiful, and being different is always better than being simply perfect. Our Vintage Flowers temporary tattoos will help you feel more special and be more like you and less like everyone else – don’t be afraid to show your colors!

Ducky Street brand

Designed by Olga Korneeva



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Inspired by my Kids, and born from a passion for Kids Streetwear, Ballerinas and boys is an Australian owned and operated Fashion label. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality Streetwear for Kids, and are evolving more and more into Mini and Me twinning, Fashion for the family options.


I'm in Love! Probably my fav piece ever! Thank you so much Grace! Quality is second to none. Can't wait to see the new Summer range.

Vanessa N.

Absolutely amazing quality! Very on trend products, looks amazing! My daughter and I get so excited when we see our BXB package arrive in the mail! Our fave store ever!

Sarah A.